Zambia remains an attractive investment destination – Dodia


Economic analyst Yusuf Dodia says Zambia still remains an attractive investment destination where investors can make.
Mr. Dodia however notes that the biggest challenge country faces is the volatility in the foreign exchange market.
He has told Qfm News that such a situation entails that the Zambian market will be slightly more difficult in terms of how much disposable income will remain in people’s possession.
Mr Dodia also notes that the volatility of the foreign exchange market might prompt some businesses to slow down on their investments.


Mr. Dodia states that the fact that there is still some time left before the end of the year, the Country should be able to see how the various policy pronouncement will play out in the economy.
He has suggested that government takes courage decisions that will ensure that Zambia’s export earnings are recorded by the banks.
Mr. Dodia states that once government is decisive, practical and professional in making policy pronouncements, the Country will get value from exports.