I am ready to take over Kafue

Saboi Imboela
Saboi Imboela

United Party for National Development (UPND) Kafue Constituency Member of Parliament aspiring candidate Saboi Imboela says she will formulate policies that will help improve and develop women in their fight against poverty if voted into office.
Ms. Imboela has suggested the need for policy makers to link issues concerning women with development.
She has urged women advocacy groups to intensify public education in the fight against poverty and form a consensus that will help to champion the concerns of women who were mostly considered poor.


And the Kafue Aspiring Candidate says she will unseat the incumbent MP, Obvious Mwaliteta whom she described as rude and arrogant; whose victory in the last election was by luck.
Speaking to QFM Ms. Saboi as she is popularly called says she is well prepared and well-grounded to unseat the Kafue Law Maker who has failed woefully as an MP.
She says she is a registered Member of UPND and her efforts within the party would pave way for her victory come 2016 when she is elected and chosen to stand on the UPND ticket.
Ms. Imboela says it is time for young people to support their own who have the sole aim of contesting in the upcoming elections to wrestle power from the older ones who have failed and disappointed them.
She insisted that one of the main reasons why voters get disappointed with their MP’s is because they don’t speak the truth and that they make fake campaign promises which they themselves know they cannot achieve and when they are voted for they find themselves wanting.
Ms. Imboela says her campaign message would not be based on lies and malice but rather she would campaign based on truth and what roles an MP is expected to do.
She intends to also use her office as an MP when elected to lobby and create opportunity for the youth in the constituency to improve education and job opportunities.