No overnight change in economic situation after prayers – Chama


Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama says it is immaterial whether or not the ruling party has gained political scores from the recently held day of national prayer in the country.
Mr. Chama says the ruling party does not believe politics should mix with prayers to God.
In an interview with Qfm News, Mr. Chama says this is why when President Edgar Lungu declared 18th October as the day of national prayer and fasting, he did it as Head of State and not as PF leader.
Mr. Chama has also advisDavies Chamaed people in the country not to expect overnight change in the economic situation in the country following the prayer and fasting the country held on Sunday.


He says the day of national prayer should instead give people and government impetus to work harder towards resolving the economic challenges the country is going through.
And PF member Frank Bwalya has observed that by declaring 18th October as an annual day of national prayer, President Lungu has demonstrated that he is a God sent leader.
Father Bwalya believes that God is using President Lungu as a conduit to bless Zambia, unite its people and take the country to prosperity.
He has however, described as laughable, FDD president Edith Nawakwi’s reported observation that the day of national prayer was meant to endorse President Lungu as a national leader.
Meanwhile Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali thinks President Lungu’s declaration of 18th October as an annual day of national prayer goes against his speech to Parliament.
Mr. Tayali has told Qfm News in a separate interview that designating 18th October a holiday is not only unproductive but also comes with costs to the national treasury.
He says his organization therefore does not support the move by President Lungu to declare the day a holiday.