RB Is a “Prodigal Son”, he shall be dealt with – Mbulakulima


Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) National Secretary and Chembe Member of Parliament Mr Mwansa Mbulakulima says that former President Rupiah Banda is a “prodigal son” who shall soon be dealt with at the next National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting. And Mr Mbulakulima says that Zambian voters are among the worst in the Southern African region in terms of voting choices due to extreme poverty that has made them focus on their stomachs instead of making better quality decisions.

Speaking on Friday 16th October 2015 for the first time on the popular Radio Phoenix talk show “Let The People Talk”, Mr Mbulakulima noted that Zambia has had some of the most educated people in the Southern African sub-region who were the cream but when it comes to voting, Zambians are mostly interested in tribe and their stomachs.

“One area where we have not done well as a nation is when it comes to voting. When it comes to voting we are the worst in the sub-region and yet we are the best in terms of human development. It doesn’t tally. In voting terms, two factors come into play. Either the tribe or the stomach and not the statistics. It is a pity, unless we reverse the situation. Let us not look at the tribe, let us look at the quality. Let us not look at our stomach, let us look at the entire nation,” said Mr Mbulakulima.

Mr Mbulakulima discussed the MMD governance record compared to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and said that MMD left a very strong economic foundation that PF has mismanaged, leading to the current severe economic challenges the nation is facing. He said the PF should not keep blaming external factors such as lack of rain or the Kwacha to Dollar exchange rate but should take corrective measures because that was why they were elected. He mentioned how MMD also faced similar economic challenges during its tenure and yet managed the nation well.

Mr Mbulakulima catalogued the challenges MMD has faced after losing power in 2011 which included vehicles being confiscated by the ruling PF Government due to their philosophy of never leaving an enemy behind. He explained in detail how organizations MMD was owing money suddenly began demanding payment of a total of K200,000 (K200 million in old currency) to be made in a short time. The Registrar of Societies demanded payment of K400,000 an in attempt by the PF to de-register the party.

Mr Mbulakulima also discussed the engineered internal rebellions from two former Vice-Presidents and two former National Secretaries. He however said the party has survived and shall remain strong and resolute. He said MMD has undergone a period of 8 months of stability and is on the rise and shall take part in the 2016 election and form government again.