Black mountain battle in new twist, Jerabos barred


A group of copper dealers popularly led by Kitwe Business Executive Kangwa Chileshe on Tuesday attempted to gain entry into the copper rich slug dump site popularly known as the black mountain.

But the group could not be allowed entry into the black mountain as heavily armed police officers denied them entry.

The Jeraboos attempted to gain entry into the black mountain following a court order issued to them restraining Nkana alloys from going ahead with any mining activities.

Addressing his members, Chileshe known us Chile One said the black mountain belongs to the Wusakile community and not the Chinese owners- Nkana Alloys and Smelting Company.


The group is appealing to Government leaders to intervene and hand over the black mountain to young person’s many whom he said are jobless.

On Monday the Black Mountain was handed over to its owners Nkana Alloys and the Wusakile Vision Empowerment community.

Prominent Lusaka Lawyer Mutale Kaulungombe handed over the facility to its new owners amid tight security and a tense atmosphere.

This is after a high court judgment stating that Nkana Alloy will now own Ninety percent shares in the facility while the Zambian Government has ten through the Wusakile Vision Empowerment community.

However, the handover of the facility was full of controversy as a rival group of copper dealers popularly known as the Jeraboos opposed the hand over.

The group led by Richard Chileshe wanted to know the criteria on how mining at the facility would be conducted.

He also demanded to know how proceeds from the facility would be shared by members of the Wusakile community.

Police and Lusaka lawyer Mutale Kaulungombe had a tough time to control the group.

Later in an interview Mr. Kaulungombe said mining at the dumpsite will now be done in a coordinated manner.

The black mountain has been in the news for several years now with various warring groups claiming ownership.