Zambians not interested in Mumbi Phiri’s politics of sex – Katebe


ZAMBIA National Women’s Lobby chairperson Beauty Katebe says Zambians are not interested in Mumbi Phiri’s politics of sex and has called on women in the PF to join the rest of the citizens who are condemning the ruling party secretary general for her pot belly remarks. Recently, Mumbi said she did not like men with big bellies because she would need to kneel down in order to see their nakedness.

But in an interview yesterday, Katebe said Zambians want to hear solutions to the problems the country is going through. “Not only the women in PF, but all well-meaning Zambians should condemn what Mumbi Phiri said. Men and women should condemn that because with the kind of economy we have, there is no one who is interested in listening to Mumbi Phiri’s politics of sex and insults.

That is degrading and we don’t expect that from a national leader,” Katebe said. “National leaders are trendsetters, and so, if that is the trend she is going to set for our young ones then we are in problems.”  She said Mumbi’s remarks were an insult not only to GBM but all men. “That is a kind of sexist remark; and those men with bellies are married men with children; then they will be subjecting children into thinking about how their dad can make certain things happen.

Big children like those who are 20 years and above they know about sex and they will begin to imagine about their fathers and all that. So, that is not right,” Katebe said. “It is very embarrassing and we don’t expect that from a leader. So, women in PF should condemn it otherwise we will take it that they are siding with her remarks. And all well-meaning Zambians should also condemn it because we cannot have politics that border on sex; we should have politics that border on real issues; on how our economy is fairing and not how people can manage to have sex.”

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