The sad case of Mumbi Phiri’s dirty mouth-Canisius Banda


ON TASTELESSNESS and being UNCOUTH [The Sad Case of Mumbi Phiri’s Dirty Mouth]:
…this is the nadir of morality and decency!
This is the end of innocence. Mumbi Phiri […Zambia’s ruling party’s Deputy Secretary General] finally bares it all.
What business is it of Mumbi’s to be looking at other men’s privates when she should be focusing on her husband’s?
Better still shouldn’t she be looking at the PF’s manifesto?
…little wonder there is no power in the country. The ruling party’s leadership is fixated on beer, bellies and nudity.

And then as if to make Esther jealous, she makes reference to Lungu’s, the Republican President’s.
Is this a subtle way of telling us of her other occupations, of advertising her services […refer to her mouth below as a visual aid]?
Or maybe we are missing something here. Is it that her conduct is merely in keeping with the revised National Development Plan?
Yuk! Quite tasteless.
And utterly disgusting!
But then these are the ravings of dirty and deranged mind, Zambia’s leadership today.
Jesus wept. You should too.
But then there is dawn; and joy comes in the morning…
Substitution please!
PF iyende!

Yours Canisius Banda


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