Inmates must acquire NRCs & vote in 2016 polls


The Prisons Care and Counseling Association (PRISCCA) has called on government to ensure inmates are captured in the ongoing mobile issuance of National Registration Cards (NRC).

PRISCCA Executive Director Godfrey Malembeka says inmates in other African countries like Lesotho and Kenya are allowed to vote saying it should be their right to vote in Zambia as well.


Mr. Malembeka says Zambia as a democratic nation should allow prisoners to take part in the electoral process so that they too can chose leaders of their own choice.
Mr. Malembeka says there is need to consider allowing prisoners to participate in voting during next year’s.






  1. No way not in my zambia .A confined person to vote ? What are we doing as a country ! are we promoting crime ? An inmate has a limited right that does not inclund in the right of the civilians . Therefore he does not have right in social development and social politic and institution management . So in our constitution an inmate remain in JAIL not anywhere else . Thank you Dr isaac chibwe the great .