Mugabe blocks HH from flying into Zimbabwe






PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s government has reportedly blocked Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilemba from coming into the country and address the local opposition MDC Renewal Team party’s inaugural congress in Harare this weekend.


The Tendai Biti-led party had invited Hichilemba, leader of Zambia’s United Party for National Development, and former South African President Thabo Mbeki’s younger brother, Moeletsi, as its guest speakers.


MDC Renewal Team’s incoming organising secretary Solomon Madzore told NewsDay yesterday that both Hachilemba and Moeletsi were no longer coming.

“Officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed there is a complication with his (Hachilemba) invitation that they could not explain to us,” he said.


“We indicated that Hachilemba was coming as a delegate to our congress, but some became angry promising us also sorts of violence including disruption of the convention.”

Madzore said Mbeki cancelled due to his hectic schedule.


Contacted for comment, Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Joey Bimha said the ministry “has no mandate to deny anyone entry into Zimbabwe”.

“Foreign Affairs does not determine who comes into the country or not. It is the mandate of the Department of Immigration. We have no idea what they are talking about,” Bimha said last night.

The opposition party’s three-day congress is being held under the theme: “Reclaiming Zimbabwe” with over 7 000 delegates expected to attend.


A statement issued by the party indicated that key highlights of the event would include the unveiling of economic and political blueprints, the party’s constitution and a new logo.

The party will change its name to the People’s Democratic Party.

“The blueprints Holistic Programme for Economic Transformation (HOPE), which is the economic blueprint, and Agenda for the Rehabilitation and Restoration of Electoral Sustainability (ARREST), the political plan, will be unveiled,” the party said in a statement.


“Our solution at the end of the day is to give the people of Zimbabwe a new narrative, a new paradigm because another Zimbabwe is possible and Zimbabwe will never be the same again.”

Biti is expected to be elected president of the new party.

He and former MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma broke ranks with former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai last year, before the former Energy minister again walked out to form his own party, Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe.




  1. But which HH re they talking about when our own HH is busy on the ground in Solwezi doing what is right for this mother Zambia..Moreover,Mugabe is not a factor to HH..He can hung if he wants..Atase!!!!

  2. imagine a country run by Satanists and genetically belly modified , it will be full of comedy and confusion fighting for business and who to sacrifice on their wealth

  3. This is so undiplomatic…. What if HH becomes president next year, what will mugabe do??! Ask for forgivness like the malawian president did?? when he deported SATA back to Zambia then SATA became president in th next elections.. It was very embarrassing on malawi

  4. Becoz Lungu is a friend to Robert,so HH thinks by going there he will have to destroy the friendship that’s been there between Robert and Chagwa? while u r wrong my man we zambians are the ones who know who’s suitable for our country.Grow up Ba Kasaka

  5. That shouldn’t surprise anyone Mugabe’s party is called Zanu Patriotic Front (pf) and it seems the old man has taken hh to be a threat in opposition in his country as well.

  6. Is it a coincidence………? Vice President on his way to Zimbabwe stopped at KK International Airport……Now Mugabe block President from flying into Zimbabwe……….!

  7. Hh has no ryt to go to zimbabwe at any tym,his a politician with unknown i believe mugabe as a vetrena president he knows wat his doing better than all ya yaping without expirience.

    • Dnt just insult do a research on ur own hh was suppose to be the guest of honour at a congress of one of the opsition party next week and mugabe said no