My songs were stolen & leaked- Pilato


Musician Chama Fumba popularly known as Pilato’s  songs from his upcoming album have been stolen and leaked.


Informing the public about the recent developments Pilato wrote, ” Well someone got to the studio unauthorized and got a number of my songs and leaked them.


” These are songs specifically for the album I have toiled for and invested in. My team remains resolved to releasing the album this month end with new songs so we can’t be destructed anymore. LOOK OUT for FORSAKEN PROPHECY,” he added.


This comes  days after a song by Pilato talking about the leadership vacuum the country hit the social media. In the new song, Pilato sings how Sata advised against drinking Jameson and Tujilijili as that would cause dozing in public . Pilato sings that Bamudala also advised against receiving envelopes (corruption), but once bashitasila became leader, he forgot about all these things in preference for travelling around the world and drinking while the country is suffering.



  1. He z revealing de hidden affairs y ar u upset ar u de one wh z dozing. Plz let him airout our views on our behalf nd even on ur behalf too if u a coward oso i thank u.

  2. You should learn to bath and smell nice first this will help you think well and write senseable lyrics for a better song, then your rytheme will be perfected aswell..right now nonsense is wat surrounds your parthetic nature!!!!!

  3. You got to love the brother’s creativity with so much reality in it. The bitter ones know why they hate the guy. I don’t know if it’s wrong to sing real life experiences.

  4. Eastern province, western province, Lusaka province, N/western province , ccentral province , nothern province southern provinve twafwantapo na muchingga province…. Voters are evrywhere its just a matter of convincing tghem chapwa

  5. EU farmers stage huge tractor protest. Thousands of European farmers protest in Brussels to express their anger over economic problems in the agricultural sector. So ati nefi ni Lungu ulengele …

  6. if u’re bn paid 4,bravo my bro nowadayz nikaduka che.many pipo even oliver tuku enjoy mugabe’s dirt money nxt tim sing abt anabwela’s movemnts bushe pa ocean tapaba abantu akeleko limo pantu 2016 nafipena

  7. Yes it’s your rights but also think of the other person on the other side. I know you want to please some people somewhere but I think the root u ve taken isn’t safe for u.
    Is it that for you the only problem in your life is the president.
    What has your own father done for you to live a better life.
    If you think that if this person comes then my life will be better, you are mistaken.

  8. People who make a living out of slandering others are the most miserable souls on this planet and they don’t deserve any pity when negative things happen to them

  9. There’s nothing artistic with the so called Bashi Tasila song. first of all, the lyrics are stolen from The Post editorials and secondly the rhythm is stolen from the legend PK’s song “Na Musonda”. Real artists come up with original ideas not plagiarism. No wonder the songs were stolen because Pilato also stole the lyrics and the rhythm.

  10. A completely After Thought ! Blame game being rolled off . Ati zininizinini nguni wasula ? Calling the house fly to sit on the face of a person who have produced a foul smell amongst the innocent people ,deep in you mind ,you know you released it between your two ‘ mountains ‘

  11. You are a good artist but you have either misdirected yourself or you are being manipulated to sing songs that are too politically charged and derogatory. Potentially you are courting trouble for yourself, I wonder and just imagine how those you derogatorily sing about feel about you and how they can react. Your experience this time could be just one of the measures being taken to remind you of how others feel and react. Trade well my dear, everyone wants enjoy human rights.