Enact policies that promote decent dressing among females -Chief


CHIEF Kathumba of the Chewa people in Sinda has urged the government to come out strongly against indecent dressing among some young females.


And Sinda district social welfare Iness Chibesa says parents should desist from using strong language when correcting their children.

Chief Kathumba said in an interview that the dressing trends among young and adult
females did not conform to traditional norms.



“We appreciate the government’s effort to identify the power and strength of women to lead as it has been exhibited by the appointment of a female Vice-President. We, therefore, wish to ask government to help us in communities and towns to find means and policies that will promote decent dressing among females because the current dressing of the females, starting from the girls to adults, doesn’t conform to the traditions and culture of our nation” he said.



Chief Kathumba said women were mothers who had a bigger role to play in society and that as such, any improper dressing by females discouraged men from marrying them.

“In our time, women were married at a good age and one wouldn’t stay long without getting married, but things have changed because what we see now is nakedness in every street,” said chief Kathumba.



And Chibesa has attributed the current changes in the dress code to technology.

“We can’t blame government for the dress code because our children are so crooked; they are easily taken away by the technology which they see in films and other media. There is peer pressure, we have also to know that girls pretend to be good at home yet the life they live outside is totally bad and shameful,” said Chibesa, who, however, urged parents to avoid using strong language when correcting children.