Come back home diaspora-Govt

Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma
Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma


Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma says government is ready to welcome home its professionals from the diaspora.

Bright Mukwasa reports that speaking on the sidelines of the Africa Down Under 2015 Conference which ends today when he met Zambians living in Australia, Mr Yaluma says Zambia has taken a good turn for development.



Mr Yaluma says Zambia needs the expertise from abroad to help build the nation.

And speaking on behalf of Zambians in Perth, Mapanza Nkwilimba says Zambians in the Diaspora have a duty to contribute to national development.



Meanwhile, Japanese Ambassador to Zambia Kiyoshi Koinuma has advised Zambians to take up rice production along with maize cultivation.

Ambassador Koinuma says the Japanese government is willing to improve the agriculture sector in Zambia especially rice production.

ZANIS reports that the Japanese envoy said his government seeks to identify a suitable place for rice production on the Copperbelt province.

Mr. Koinuma said this when he called on Copperbelt Province Minister Mwenya Musenge at his Office in Ndola.

And Mr Musenge says the country is working towards diversifying from mining to agriculture.

Meanwhile Ambassador Koinuma says Japanese companies are ready to partner with potential Zambian business entities especially in agriculture, mining and manufacturing.


  1. Before they bring my body I will first come to their funerals because am not dying any time soon, God forbid!!! Being in the diaspora does not mean you are going to die, you’re home or in the diaspora you still die and death has no colour, status, race, religion name it.

  2. They are good at donating for repatriation of their remains. Why don’t you get buried their? You neve rest in peace?

  3. Come back for what!?? To a sinking kwacha and 1 meal a day,,, can’t never!! May thunder strike your stinking mouth.

  4. I wil be coming soon from DRC i hope you wil receive me with both hands . How do i catch up wth you GVT

  5. lol,how about you in zambia come we take care of you. Lol,well just joking. Well let them come and pay them what they are worth. Giving up life in the states or perth isnt easy to come and settle for zambia. From abroad zambia looks like a shrub or bush…am being honest

  6. To come and do what ? To watch how the energy sector has been raped ! To see how Kariba dam has been turned into a museum ? To see how stupid Kwacha looks against the Dollar ? Or to come and count the number of times somebody flies out ?

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