It Will Take Time To Repair Zambia’s Economic Damage – Mulongoti


People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti has charged that it will take time to repair the economic damage the PF Government has allegedly


caused to the nation.
Mr. Mulongoti says the Patriotic Front should admit that they have failed to move the country forward.

Meanwhile Mr. Mulongoti says his priority will be to fight corruption if elected President.

He says corruption is a crime against the common will of the Zambian people.

Mr. Mulongoti states that those with corrupt traits will not be welcome in his government.

He notes that it is difficult to fight corruption if the leaders on top are corrupt.



  1. Zambia shall heal fast from this temporary set back in JESUS name,devil stay away from this country together with your agents.God almighty we come before you as a country knowing this problem the country is facing,the solution is not mankind but you,we pray for good rainfall,a favorable copper price and give ideas to our leaders as they take this route of diversification.We refuse as country to listen to negative sentiments like one in this article,i know GOD you will do it for the love of your people.Amen.

  2. Zambia is one of the african countries with the most dull politicians, especially the so called opposition dander heads for sure, I just laugh when I read the Post newspaper everyday, did you know that the Post is also another opposition party.

  3. What does this man know,does he really what’s happening & what’s causing this to happen,? For sure PF government will onl be appreciated wen they come out of power for the massive infrastructure development they embarked on ,cause the benefits will not be seen today but tomorrow!!! Too much politicking bakalongoti ala imwe,ati pipoz party president atase