President Lungu gives ultimatum over boundary dispute


Republican President Edgar Lungu has given the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs  a thirty days to resolve the prevailing boundary dispute between Lundas and Luvales in Zambezi district.

President  Lungu says if the Ministry  fails to find a solution, he will take it upon himself as the chief executive of the country to intervene in the matter.


The president also disclosed that he will consider setting up a committee to enquire into the longstanding boundary wrangle between Lundas and Luvales in Zambezi district but will tale upon himself to find a solution if the matter is not settled within a month.

Speaking when he officiated at the Lunda Lubanza Traditional Ceremony of the Lunda of Senior Chief Ishindi chiefdom of Zambezi, the president said there is need to resolve the matter as quickly as possible in order for the two tribes to co-exist.


He said the nation can only move forward in unity if vices that divide the nation are fought.

Tribalism should have no place in Zambia as everyone is identified as belonging to a tribe called Zambian which is the only way of achieving meaningful development, said the President.


And Mr. Lungu  says  traditional ceremonies are an effective way of safeguarding the country’s cultural heritage.

He said traditional ceremonies play an important role in promoting the country’s tourism industry for employment and wealth creation.

The president also said traditional ceremonies provide an opportunity for dialogue between government and traditional leadership.


He told the gathering  during the ceremony that as custodians of the country’s cultural heritage,  traditions leaders have a huge task of promoting the wellbeing of women by fighting  traditional practice and culture that demean and hinder women development.

And Senior Chief Ishindi says  he appreciates the creation of the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs but called for legislation that will enable chiefs play an effective role in the governance and development of the country.

He said the president should count on Lundas for peace building because Lundas were peace loving people.