Tayali notes need for constitutional court


The cost of litigation in Zambian courts has been cited as one of challenges frustrating the work of civil society organizations advocating for justice and human rights.

The Zambian Voice has admitted being one of such civil society organizations failing to utilize the constitutional provision of Locus Standi because of the high cost of Court processes in the country.


Executive Director Chilufya Tayali states that another impediment is the alleged failure by the office of Solicitor General to live up to its mandate.

Mr. Tayali notes that his organization has taken note that instead of standing up for the rights of citizens, the office of the Solicitor General appears to be serving more, the interest of the State.


He has told Qfm News in an interview given this situation, his organization believes that establishment of a Constitutional Court will be most ideal for a country like Zambia.

Mr. Tayali says if such a court can be established, it will be easier for public spirited organizations like Zambian Voice to seek redress on behalf of the people who currently only rely on the Solicitor General.


He says this therefore points to the need of changing the republican constitution in a way that it provides for the establishment of a Constitutional Court.