The curious case of two ‘rich men’-Siliya attacks HH & GBM

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

“You cannot stop an idea whose time has come”, Victor Hugo.
The above quote sprang at me as I observed the proceedings of the coronation of the 38th Chitimukulu, Kanyata Manga in Luwingu recently. Many dignitaries were in attendance including his grace Archbishop Ignatius Chama and leaders of various opposition parties. Here is what struck me though.

When calling upon his Excellency, President Edgar Lungu to speak, the MC requested all to be upstanding. And all did stand including Edith Nawakwi of the FDD, Nevers Mumba of the MMD and various Diplomats. But what I really found curious was that GBM, the newly appointed VP of the UPND, remained seated while his wife, Chama stood up. Mr Hakainde did not bother standing up either. My curiosity peaked. Does that mean experienced politicians like Nawakwi and former Republican Vice President Nevers Mumba, in the eyes of GBM and HH, are lesser opposition leaders than the two ‘rich men’?

The expected behaviour of any gentleman is that he will stand up whenever his lady does so, especially in public. It seemed almost funny seeing Ba GBM seated while Madam observed the traditional etiquette of such gatherings. Secondly, I recalled the simple teaching, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I wondered how HH can be so oblivious, if not as a Christian, of this simple political etiquette, observed by the poor and ordinary he wishes to lead. I wish to reiterate that it is common sense and not wealth that makes good leaders.
In our democracy, it is possible for anyone to become President of Zambia. But the citizens, the poor and ordinary, expect humility from leaders especially before they get into Statehouse. As a people, we hate boastfulness.

And so I watched the curious case of the two ‘rich men’ defy common decency at a very public gathering of the poor and ordinary they wish to lead. My conclusion was that they totally missed the very basic tenet of democracy, which is accepting the leadership in office until it is your turn. That does not mean you agree with them but one can disagree without any demeaning public display, much more so at that level of leadership. Secondly, in a democracy, one must accept that the power to chose a President lies with the poor and ordinary, the very people GBM and HH were revealing their intolerance and disrespect to. Democratic politics, especially at Presidential level must be done with a certain decency to each other. If not, then the whole purpose of multiple party politics is lost.

In his book, The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki explores the idea that large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant the elite may think they are. The idea is very similar to Proverbs 11:4, “where there is no counsel, the People fall; but in the multitude of Counsellors there is safety.”
The ideas of democracy are here to stay. We would all do well as Politicians never to forget that unity, peace and respect for one another is the least Zambians expect.
Former German Chancellor, Willy Brandt put it well too when he said….”claims to absolutes threaten Man.” None of us is good enough until the people; the poor and ordinary, say so.


  1. dora personally i dnt like in 2011 u insultd,and pf wellcomed u nd now u think u ar so specio than oposition u can do anythin nd u once experence dis b4 nd rememba yo past somtyms it z important.we ar o humans God z de best jugde.

  2. Romans 13:
    1. Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.
    2. Consequently he who rebels against the authorities is rebelling against what God has instituted; and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

  3. “Secondly, in a democracy, one must accept that the power to chose a President lies with the poor and ordinary, the very people GBM and HH were revealing their intolerance and disrespect to. Democratic politics, especially at Presidential level must be done with a certain decency to each other. If not, then the whole purpose of multiple party politics is lost.” unfortunatly Dora should be the last person to recture anyone cause she lack any of the moral right she was proclaiming. She insulted the late President Sata with no regard for his position and his age. Kaingu took the budget and teared right in paliament, did she condem that action. The scripture says before you remove a spec in someones eye first remove a log of tmber in your own eye. hypocrite!!!

  4. Coronation of Chitimukulu was in Mungwi nd not Luwingu,nd for GBM and HH to remain seated while everyone stood up,ma bad manners,HH has already started following GBM who is already an Idiot,wait for 2016,I really pit for HH,ni white wash,will make sure we vote regionally like our friends from southern province did,so mulimbe.

  5. So Dora wats yo problem???? U re jst a politician prostitute who barks carelessly like a dog which hs gone astray………why cnt u shut da fuck up for once?????????

  6. Very nicely put by the author who I think is a reasonable person. The behavior of those “two” is appalling but it is like an old saying that ‘A young boy who disobeys his father forgets that one day he will be a father himself’.

  7. Hav u stopped raising the middle finger in parliament?Clearly,you also have a weakness Dora.You live in a glass so stop throwing stones at others.

  8. only the min in thinking can criticise the duo.what laid GBM to leave his ministral job in sata’s rein was not same fight to make things right?why was this Big B** and today standing becomes an issue moreover it was a request not a command.

  9. I know of a president who was voted in as Republican president because he ppl said he was or is humble. The rest ……….. I hope this does not happen to my beloved Zambia in 2016. We need not a humble man but one that can deliver. Viva Zambia.

  10. #HH n #GBM ar stupid idiots,,,, #imagine if it ws Edgar de one seated if HH ws ruling,,,, #probably b saying he ws drunk wth #jemason,, so ws HH tired of chasing #cows n GBM lifting #mealie meal ???

  11. Maybe she wanted them to lift their middle fingers!

    Shame that amidst all the problems this country is facing, one spends time on minor issues. Next it will be on color of shoes!

  12. I am watching and zambians are watching too……why vote for a bitter, disrespectiful, proud and arrogant person like those two. I would rather vote for a drunkered with humility than “rich” men

  13. Ukusefya pangwena was in kasama and not Luwingu mama. And for the two idiots don’t bother about them they just want to throw away some of the stolen money to the fools they can manage to lay their filthy hands on.

  14. Dora, don’t you think you are actually showing off your party to a downfall? In a sense that, you and your fellow members have nothing better and constructive to do other than observing what the opposition does. The people of Zambia are looking up to you the current government to improve the economy, and certainly by being so insecure and so mindful about UPND’s actions is not helping… The more you do that, the more UPND is simply gaining mileage. Use you Brain Siliya. Politics are so simple if you have the brains

  15. Edgar Lungu is a coward,where was he when late Sata was persecuting Chitimukulu Sosala?Is he not the who even sent police officers to block Sosala from entering his Palace?
    Mind you,”Brave men don’t praise cowards”.

  16. great analysis madam,be clothed with humility for God resists the proud,but gives to the humble 1 Peter 5:5.God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.every event has its time and when its their time what would they think of course disrespect. the poor are the majority voters who needs humble leaders not their riches,i think even those visitation (hospitals & compounds) are plastic and once they got there,they wont even look at those poor people.

  17. Siliya pls v shame huh,this GBM u wanna insult built that PF almost single handedly sacrificed alot for that party when u were busy insulting him en his friend micheal…may his soul rest peacefully…today out of his hard work en sacrifice u r ejoying all because of lungi,s short sitedness he has completely forgoten the people who built that party and his busy embracing prostitutes en thieves nowonder the country is heading for doom trust me the soul of the man who laboured for that party is in pain

    • U right actually its after he jamped in that pf started making sense by the way how old r u next time dont reply elders wen u know nothing reading politics ant wisdom get a life

    • in 2006 pf had already grown to 44 members of parliament from 1 mp in 2001.the time GBM joined pf, as a party pipo had already accepted micheal to be their president. in 2008 presdential by election micheal lost by 30pin votes however, he went on to win by landslide. personally ididnt see GBM factor tho his contribution helped just like other guys who did the same.Pf made GBM a politician which Mmd failed to do wen GBM lost in Kabwata and not the ather way round.

  18. If it was todays education,i dont think some people would have managed to aquire their degrees thy av today! Desrespecting the president means disrespecting zambia.this means Its okay for pipo to desrepect u as well!

  19. A leader must be humble and act by example. It is highly disappointing to know that they can show disrespect in such a manner. It is mandatory to stand in the presence of authority. That’s why we are civilised or maybe civility cant be bought. H.H is giving a very wearisome picture of what he would do as president. God forbid if we have another leader to make our country worse because as bad as things are right now at least

  20. the MC only requested & a request its either you accept or turn it down..& them they decided to turn it down there is nothing wrong with it unless if it was a must to stand.

  21. And they expect people to respect them when they are arrogant. Lungu is a President for all Zambians them inclusive. If they can’t accept that then they can find their own country.