Mwanakatwe has no shame-Tayali

Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe
Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe

Looking at the track record of Mrs. Mwanakatwe in Banking, we gave her the benefit of doubt thinking she is a professional with some credibility to be hounarable in handling matters like her Loan acquisition from a public institution which was meant for the underprivileged people.


Unfortunately she does not seem to have a shame to admit that she does not qualify to be among the people that should have benefited from CEEC.
Further she has no shame to admit that she defaulted on the said loan. If she was a professional as we thought, she would have apologized for having a non-performing loan for almost 6 years as a senior Banker.
Reflecting on how the loan was acquired, we are somehow convinced that it was corruptly obtained with of intention on her part to pay back.


Aluworks Industries does not seem to have benefited from the money otherwise it would have done better. There is nothing to show for out of the money borrowed.
Her response and pressure exerted on CEEC to make a misleading statement alarms us, we have to engage the next gear.
We are going to report the matter to ACC so that Mr.s Mwanakatwe and her husband must be investigated on how they acquired the loan when there were so many suitable people to benefit from CEEC.


Further we want an audit to be done on the Aluworks which benefited from Public funds so that the Mrs Mwanakatwe can account for the loan.
While this is happening, we hope President Edgar Lungu will put Mrs. Mwanakatwe out of office so that she does not put undue pressure on CEEC to do wrong things.



We have been investigating her for sometime and brought the issue to her attention so that she can quietly deal with it, but ignored the gesture. She has continued with her arrogance to cover the wrong things she has done. We have no choice but to bring even more and she better be ready for more to come.


  1. Professional !! Some are pros – in corruption,in prostution, defiling, drunking , swindlers, dancers , cadres , Mourners ( who use emotions to climb to higher throne ) , Witches and professional Maids ( who know how to win the Heart of their male boses .) Pro – conductors ; I guess pa zed we all proferssors it just depends what number u play – and who you play with …..!!!????

  2. She and her husband are educated crooks.6 years down the line and they have paid nothing,if it where an ordinally client CEEC would have repossessed the surity by now.I bet mother zambia will neva develop by having crooked pipo in leadership like that disgraced couple.

  3. A banker with vast experience in banking both at home and abroad not paying a ngwee for a public fund leaves her credibility and and willingness to pay open to speculation .6 years without serving a loan is too long citizen chiefs .And it seems they are alot of defaulters from the formal universities in business than those from the University of Society .Sorry ,the last part is just an opinion .

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