KCM negotiating over toxic copper

Sunset at the Lumwana copper mine in Zambia. (Photo by Raul Cortijo)

Konkola Copper Mines-KCM says it is in talks with the Zambia Environmental Management Agency-ZEMA on finding ways of safely processing the imported toxic copper concentrates from Chile.

KCM Manager Public Relations and Communication, Shapi Shachinda says the mining giant is also in close contact with the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection over the same issue.

Mr. Shachinda said this in response to a press query.



He says blending, safely and efficiently processing of copper ores is a common practice in the industry.

A fortnight ago, Lands Minister Christabel Ngimbu directed KCM to immediately take back the toxic Copper to Chile.

Ms. Ngimbu took a swipe at KCM for not following procedure when it brought into Zambia over Five Thousand tonnes of the toxic copper.



The Copper concentrates imported from Chile which contains arsenic, a harmful substance, has been a matter of debate for some time now, with stakeholders expressing concern over the effect it might have on people exposed to it.



  1. What is their reason behinde this so called its cheap to process copper from Chile in Zambia than Chile? And how do they start imports of this TOXIC copper before an environmental impact assessment is done? Please do not try to put blindfolds over our eyes, this Processing is already taking place&disposing of such toxic material is also taking placem#opinion#low mineral taxes drawing them to process such toxic copper here#God deliver us

  2. These guys want to pollute this land. Have they asked themselves why Chile has not processed that copper in their country? We say no to the processing of Chile copper in Zambia.

  3. The issue is at it’s heart this…how can it be so cheap to process this ore here? Because electricity tariffs for KCM are so low. And how can this be possible when the country is suffering load shedding ? Absolutely crazy.

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