GBM Expelled from Parliament


Acting as a court of law which interprets laws, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has ruled that Geoffrey Mwamba is no longer MP for Kasama.


It is actually the court which is supposed to say so not a speaker of parliament.
But Matibini sitting as judge and witness, said Bwalya Mwamba crossed the flow by accepting a position in the United Party for National Development (UPND).


And Matibini has ruled that the four UPND members serving in the PF government as Deputy Ministers did not cross the flow because the Republican President has the prerogative to appoint Ministers and Deputy Ministers from Parliament.
Dr Matibini said the late Ben Tetamashimba was deemed to have crossed the flow and lost his seat after he was appointed as Secretary General of the UPND.


Dr Matibini said it was his well considered view that by accepting the position of Vice President of the UPND became a member of the UPND. It is inconceivable that the UPND can appoint a committee member of the PF to be its vice president.
‘I therefore declare that in joining the UPND by becoming a vice president of the UPND, a party on which he was not elected crossed the flow and lost his seat. Accordingly I now declare that the Kasama Central seat is forthwith vacant,’ Dr Matibini ruled.


On Patrick Mucheleka who was alleged to have crossed the flow by attending a UPND press conference Matubini said:
‘I viewed the footage of the press briefing but Mucheleka did not make in comments suggesting that he joined the UPND. He could be viewed to have been a curious bystander. Mere supporting or campaigning for a political party is not conclusive to prove that such a member has crossed the flow. I rule that Mucheleka has not crossed the flow and therefore is a duly elected Member of Parliament for Lubansenshi.


On the four UPND Members of Parliament serving as Deputy Ministers in the PF Government namely Greyford Monde, Poniso Njeulu, Richwell Siamunene and Dawson Kafywaya, Dr Matibini has ruled that the four are in order to be in the House as the they did not cross the flow because the President is constitutionally allowed to appoint Ministers and Deputy Ministers from Parliament.


  1. Mwansa Mwamba the problem with people of your thinking on this matter is: you comparing between appointments to government jobs and appointment to political party posisition and from that you claim double standards! If Mwale and Kaingu were appointed to PF positions that would fit your urguement. But the two were appointed to positions in the government of the republic of Zambia and not to positions of Partrotic Front, PF. This a major difference and legally so different we do not even need to argue about it.

  2. Legally correct. The man was stretching the boundaries as to see what can be done. He knew it himself. Let him reinvent himself back to parliament by winning the by-election there. It’s so clear and straightforward but others may think otherwise. Standards, norms, rules, regulations and established procedures need be observed.

  3. The speaker did not seat as a judge no, he was just acting on the point of order raised by the minister of Home affairs, he cannot refer the point of order to high court or any other court, its his duty baba.If the affect person feels aggrieved he is free to take the matter to court for review.

  4. The entire upnd leadership wrongly advised gbm on his mp
    status a thjng which even my seven year old girl can interpret
    deligently. These are the same chaps who wants to be in power
    next year!

  5. Nonsense Lusakavoice, even a grade 12 knew that what Fat Albart did was wrong takwaba, its unconststution and unheard of. They were experimenting law now they will face its consequences of losing that seat coz pipo in Kasama are tired of GBM.

  6. Inside every fat person is a skinny person,there is no such thing as big boned, if you areoverweight it’s because you eat too much & youonly have yourself to blame. Obesity is a lifechoice not a medical condition.

  7. Do we have to read the same story twice, same wording and opinion. Thats the law. Do you need a judge to tell you what’s wrong and what’s right? Even my kids know when some things are wrong.

  8. Some Zambians like commenting without researching.The law is clear on the action the speaker was supposed to take.The doctrine of separation of powers was at play.

  9. Mathibini has a contept case hw can he rule a case wich is before ze courts of law i understand Tutwa Ngulube took this matter to court conflicts of interest yaaa

  10. @ Lyambai Lubinda,dont look @ the law with emotions,on which party was GBM elected to parliament?if u knw the ans then u will knw why he hs bn expelled frm parliament,and if u knw what the law says on who should appointed ministers then u will knw why those cnt be expelled from parliament,those upnd/mmd mps serving as ministers are not serving pf nor ve they joined pf party bt they are serving in the government of the republic of Zambia,in short all the 158 mps are serving in the government of the republic of zambia,ask them where their salaries come from,its the GRZ that pay them

  11. double standards its sad tht even gud men , honourable men like mr matibini can use our useless constituion to pliz there pay masters, It would have been a gud move if the same was done to pipo like mwale and kaingu who openly defectered to pf in western province and a minister in this goverment can the speaker make a rulling also on these

  12. One state party we dont want dictatorship because every citizen has rights, but pf why infirializing de rights of zambians. De Presedent HE Edger Lungu is a Good leader nw is being manpulated by visionless advisors,if de presedent had vision advisors things would have not gone worse like this because de presedent has tried to borow money and fund de projects but everyone aims to fill up their pockets.