“Nawakwi imposes herself as FDD president for a 3rd term”


DELAYS by Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) to hold a national convention will further divide the party beyond its present situation, a party member has stated.

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Caeser Liteta, a senior member of FDD, said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that FDD last held its second and last national convention in 2005 during which Edith Nawakwi was elected president.
Mr Liteta, who once served as Lusaka district treasurer and was a parliamentary candidate for FFD in Mkushi North in 2011, said Ms Nawakwi has since served two five-year terms but has allegedly refused to pave way for a smooth transition of leadership.


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“Ms Nawakwi has illegally embarked on campaigning for 2016 without any consultation or blessing of the party through the national policy committee, which she must consult at all costs,” Mr Liteta said.
He alleged that in 2010, the FDD president refused to hold the convention stating that she could not source funds for a national convention when she risked being voted out of office.


“Her second term has now elapsed and with similar manoeuvres, Ms Nawakwi is slowly imposing herself on the party as president for a third term,” he said.
He complained that the party is now divided because of Ms Nawakwi’s determination to hold on to power.


“Amongst the 18 ministers that resigned from MMD, Ms Nawakwi inclusive, did sign a memorandum of understanding that they shall not at any time allow the manipulation of the party and republican constitutions, respectively,” Mr Liteta said.


He said this came to be one of the party’s aims under Article 2 (xvii) of the FDD constitution, which states that “to ensure the protection of both the party and republican constitution”.
Mr Liteta said it is wrong for Ms Nawakwi to impose herself once more on the party and should, therefore, allow for smooth transition of leadership at the national convention.

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  1. Imposing ? The lady has what it takes to grease and run the engine of FDD !! Open your mind and listen to her when she’s articulating issues. These others just waffle ! They don’t even understand what they say.