Kanene deceived the correctional service, police must take action-ZNWL

kanene wife
kanene wife

The Zambia National Women’s Lobby is disappointed with Clifford Dimba for violently attacking his wife three days after being released from prison.


It has become apparent that Mr. Dimba deceived the correctional service into believing that he had reformed and was ready to contribute to society as a law abiding citizen when in fact not.


Mr. Dimba’s actions clearly show his lack of respect for women which should be condemned in the strongest terms. Mr Dimba has proved to all Zambians that he was not worthy of the prerogative of mercy extended to him by His Excellence President Edgar Lungu as he has not reformed.


We therefore urge Mr. Dimba’s wife to report the matter to police and allow the law to take its course.
We however remain optimistic that citizens who have been incarcerated can reform and therefore should be given an opportunity to prove themselves.


  1. and why ant you all reporting kanenes side of the story? When poverty hits the head hunger runs the mouth.

  2. How can police take action when no case was opened by the complainant? That’s rubbish we all beat our wife’s and wife’s beat us.

  3. He did what he know best may others do their best too. Ukuma namayo bututu ubwapitilila sana. If she has done something u can’t forgive divorce her capwa.

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