Mumbi Phiri, spare us your political masturbation-FDD


Press Statement For Immediate Release.
In recent days Mumbi Phiri, the PF Deputy Secretary General has been gorging quite a sludge of Political diatribe against President Edith Nawakwi.

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Instead of responding to the specific and critical issues of national importance such as the persistent load shedding, the increase of fuel prices, the wrong crude oil purchases, the high cost of living, the excrutiating debt burden, the depreciation of the Kwacha, the political violence and the general mismanagement of the Zambian economy by the PF Government, issues President Nawakwi has been raising, Mumbi Phiri has opted to engage in Political Masturbation.
Since we are dealing with Mumbi Phiri we have no choice but to define for her what political masturbation is lest she misunderstands us. Political Masturbation is a deliberate act that is meant to divert people’s attention from more important national issues to trivia. The most important things are the economic and governance issues that Madam Nawakwi has been raising. Mumbi Phiri please respond to the specific economic issues that Ms. Nawakwi’s has raised or kindly spare us your political masturbation.

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It is preposterous for a charlatan like Mumbi Phiri to attempt to lecture us on a democracy. What democracy can a panga wielding and gun slinging Political Party like PF teach us? Who elected Mumbi as Deputy SG? Why was she recalled as a diplomat?
How can Mumbi Phiri be talking about things beyond her intellectual capacity? Why has she recklessly decided to advertise her ignorance? Doesn’t she know what the Bible states that even a fool can be mistaken for a wise man when he chooses to be quiet?


Mumbi Phiri cannot even pronounce Carlington Maize deal, she says Clinton Maize Deal. Was she watching Hillary Clinton on CNN and she is mistaking her for Edith Nawakwi?
If Mumbi Phiri in her ignorance has evidence of any wrong doing on the part of President Edith Nawakwi with regards to the so called Carlington Maize deal, we challenge her to take our President to Court.
Issued by:
Antonio Mwanza,
FDD Spokesperson

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  1. Antonio Mwanza’s mouth nowadays stinks. Please ask Nawakwi what happened with the Carrington Maize saga whatever the name is. You hate Edgar and the PF because he is God’s imposed President. FDD is a career opposition party. You shall never ever rule Zambia apart from being bridesmaids. I will not define bridesmaids for you. You are pissed coz EL wired your chief professional political masturbator. Tell her no more Brazil trips.