PF members expelled

President Lungu
President Lungu addresses a rally to drum up support for PF Parliamentary Candidate Dora Siliya on June 27,2015 -Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA - Photo Credit EDDIE MWANALEZA -

Kaoma district Patriotic Front-PF Chairperson George Chisani has disclosed that former Kaoma district political secretary Chingi Kabindama and PF youth Chairperson Du Shefumbandu have been expelled from the ruling party for allegedly campaigning for the Rainbow party.
Mr Chisani announced the expulsion of the duo during the PF Kaoma central constituency elections held in Kaoma district council chamber today.
And there was a near punch-up between Mr Kabindama and Mr Chisani when the latter entered the council chamber but was only whisked out by alert police officers as PF youths almost lynched him.

Mr Chisani requested the delegates who were drawn from Kalumwange, Chitwa, Longe, Naliele and Mulamatila wards to foster unity in the party in order to attract new members so that the party wins the 2016 general elections.
He said he would not allow disgruntled members who are supporting the opposition Rainbow party to bring confusions in PF which is now gaining momentum in the province.

Mr Chisani said President Edgar Lungu has instructed members countrywide to accept anyone whether rich or poor as the ruling party needed more numbers.

He said members should be committed and voluntarily work tirelessly for the party adding that members with double standards of destroying the party will not be entertained.

Mr Chisani said it’s only in Western province that PF got low votes in the January 20, 2015 presidential by-election adding that this time around, PF is surviving in the province.

He encouraged the delegates to ensure that the party grows in Kaoma by recruiting as many members as possible.

But when contacted former Kaoma district political secretary, Chingi Kabindama said that he is still a committed PF member.

Mr Kabindama wondered why he has not been called by the district disciplinary committee for him to state his position or even receiving an expulsion letter from the PF secretariat.

He said the pronouncement by the PF district Chairperson Mr Chisani is null and void.

And at the same function, Kaoma district UPND Vice Chairperson for Politics and Administration, Mulemwa Kachana and Simaanga Kabayo UPND media publicity secretary defected to the ruling PF.

Mr Kachana said that he cannot continue being a UPND member because the in-fighting at the constituency level has worsened saying members are planning to unseat the current Kaoma central constituency UPND MP Carlos Antonio before parliament is dissolved.

And Mr Kabayo said he has also ditched the opposition UPND citing the massive development that the PF administration has brought to the people in Western province.

Receiving the two defectors, Mr Chisani said people in all the districts of Western province should support the ruling party for development to be enjoyed in their areas.

Mr Chisani said people should rally behind President Lungu for increased peace, unity and development beyond 2016.