Women who use pit latrines risk contracting cervical cancer-Medical imposter

Cervical Cancer Screening

Efforts by Chadiza district to attain the Open Defecation Free (ODF) Status have been frustrated after a man masquerading as a medical doctor is reportedly going round informing people that women who use pit latrines are at risk of contracting cervical cancer.


The man who has only been identified as ADOCOTA has been going round Kampini ward discouraging women from using pit latrine saying they risk contract cervical cancer.

This came to light during the district epidemic preparedness committee meeting that was held at Sankhani Guest house in Chadiza yesterday.


Chadiza district council, Physical Planner officer Michael Ngulube said that during one of the community led total sanitation monitoring visits in Kampini ward, the community revealed that they were still using the bush to defecate for fear of contracting cervical cancer.

Mr. Ngulube said that the imposter has been conducting various meetings in the ward and that he has also been appearing on some named local radio station in eastern province where he has continued to inform women that it was dangerous for them to use pit latrines.

The move has angered stake holders who have since called for the arrest of the imposter.

And Chadiza District Community Medical Officer Godfrey Lingenda brushed the statement as nonsense and said the only way forward was to bring the imposter to book before he does more damage to the medical fraternity.


Chadiza is one of the districts in eastern province where open defecation is highly practiced as people feel it is one way of feeding their pigs which are left loose to roam about in the villages and nearby bushes.



  1. Where was cervical cancer some 20 yrs and more down the line when fewer families used flashable toilets?