General Kanene abandons appeal case


CLIFORD Dimba, popularly known as ‘General’ Kanene has filed a notice to abandon his appeal case in the Supreme Court against his 18 years jail sentence for defilement. In his notice of abandonment filed on July 15 this year, Kanene said the Supreme Court should therefore dismiss his appeal as he had no intention of proceeding with the case.


Earlier this year, Dimba, appealed to the Supreme Court against both his conviction and 18-year jail sentence for defilement. Dimba through one of his defence lawyers, Nicholas Chanda appealed against the conviction and sentence saying both Mr Justice Mchenga and Mr Kaoma erred in law and fact when they convicted and later sentenced
his client.


Today, President Lungu announced that he had pardoned ‘General’ Kanene, by exercising the powers vested in him by Article 56 of the
constitution of Zambia.


  1. Kanene (Clifford Dimba) is human and also needs mercy from all of us he needs that sympathy. You showed remorsefulness my dear and avoid provocative songs like bamunazila that was contept of court my dear Tonga bull. PLease we love you so much and avoid tu ma sweet 16.

  2. in my findings kanene. never wrongd any family ,its only tht pipo thot they re going to be rich wen they convicted him.lastly he deserve to be pardoned..guilty or Nt guilty ..

  3. Dear kanene, reflect on your life and apologies to the family you wronged, since you are going back to the community which disapproved of your action. Finally be faithful to your wife. Don’t mistreat her again by engaging yourself in illicit sex. Regards. Nyambe Chaavwa.