Livingstone police battles taxi drivers in chaotic protest

Livingstone riot

Police and Taxi drivers in Livingstone have fought running battles after Taxi Drivers protested against increased road statutory fees by the road Transport and Safety Agency -RTSA.

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The taxi drivers gathered around 08:30 on the city’s busiest road, Mosi-O-Tunya, in the central business district demanding to have officials from RTSA address them.

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The drivers blocked the road with their vehicles, stones and other objects and the situation worsened when police reinforcement was sent to the area.


The drivers threw stones and burnt tires on the road forcing police to fire tear gas canisters to disperse them.

Business came to a standstill with motorists using alternative routes away from the central business district.

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  1. Is it only in Southern province where the fuel price has been hiked for Tongas to riot? why is HH so desperate that he can incite his fellow tongas to riot over fuel price? just asking