“My sister slept with my hubby, now she is pregnant”


A 39-YEAR-OLD woman has told the Kanyama Local Court how she was betrayed in the worst way possible by the two people closest to her.
This is in a case in which Sharon Maunga of Chibombo sued Huster Moffat Mwachilele, 58 of Old Kanyama for divorce after being on separation for five years. Maunga said the two married in 2006 and have a child together.
Maunga told Senior Court Magistrates Ackim Phiri that problems in their marriage started when her husband impregnated her elder sister. She added that her husband later dumped her to marry her elder sister.


“We married in Chibombo in 2006 and he has a balance of five cows but the problem is that six months after our wedding, he impregnated my elder sister whom he has children with,” said Maunga.
She said the family called for a meeting, which was attended by the elders of the family, her husband, herself, and her pregnant sister. At the meeting, the man gave his reasons for dumping his wife for her sister.
“My new lover gives me wonderful sexual pleasure. She is also a better cook than my wife,” he said.


She told the Court that five months later he impregnated her. She said that she has never had sex during the time she was pregnant. She said during the time she was pregnant, her husband continued to have sex with her elder sister.
Maunga said Mwachilele accused her of having a spiritual husband and sent her away from their matrimonial home against her wish.
“In July 2010 he took me back to his home and burnt my underpants, clothes, hair and shoes,” She said.


In his defence, Mwachilele said he was not ready for any divorce. He demanded that a paternity test be done on the child to determine whether or not he was the father, because he suspected someone else had impregnated his wife the five years he did not have sex with her.
The Court adjourned judgement to a later date.