— President Lungu challenges Zesco to supply power evenly

KK RB Edgar Lungu - Credit Open Zambia
KK RB Edgar Lungu - Credit Open Zambia

President Edgar Lungu has challenged Zesco Limited management to load shed and share electricity equitably throughout the country.

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President Lungu said in view of the on-going challenge in the power sector, the electricity being generated by the Utility Company should be shared equally.


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The Republican President said even the common man requires access to electricity just like the well do to do people in affluent areas.

The Republican President said this in Kafue Gorge  July 11th during a briefing from Zesco Managing Director  Victor Mundende after he toured the power company’s facility.


He however happiness that the Zesco machinery was in good condition and operating at full capacity so far as  power  generation is concerned.

The Republican President was accompanied by Energy minister Christopher Yaluma,  Southern province minister  Nathaniel Mubukwanu  and his Central counterpart Davies Chisopa, other  senior government and the Utility company’s officials.


Earlier Mr Mundende said it was regrettable that the country was experiencing power outages.

He disclosed that Zambia is importing 100 megawatts of power from Mozambique.


He explained that the 2013 2014 rainfall pattern was deceitful hence the power utility firm being in this current situation.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has appealed to National Assembly speaker Patrick Matibini to allow MPs to travel to Kariba dam and see for themselves the low water levels at the dam.

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