I was not evicted, the media lied -says Kaseba


Lusaka FORMER First Lady Christine Kaseba says she is well accommodated and media reports that she was evicted are false.
Dr Kaseba said in an interview yesterday that some sections of the media blew her accommodation issue out of proportion without getting the facts.

“Was I at the train station or did you find me on the streets? I am well accommodated, it was just a misunderstanding,” she said without further comments.


Earlier, Dr Kaseba officiated at the Mothers Health Screening Programme in Kasisi’s Chasha village.
She called on women to reduce on alcohol intake to effectively contribute to the reduction of cervical and breast cancer.


The event was organised by the Dorcas Workers of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church.
“You need to reduce on alcohol intake even at kitchen parties, where alcohol is free,” she said.
She said it is disappointing that every year, about 1,650 new cases of such cancers are recorded country-wide and that 50 percent of this number die due to delay in accessing medical services.


Dr Kaseba said every year, 1,340 women die as a result of such medical challenges.
“When a woman is taken away [dies], there is a big vacuum left in the family and children end up suffering,” Dr Kaseba said.
She called on the Dorcas Mothers to work tirelessly to assist women, especially in rural areas, to deal with issues related to cervical and breast cancer.


“Even if you are not a doctor by profession, you can still contribute to addressing issues related to cervical cancer through your works. I hold women very dear to my heart and this is why women should be seen to help their children and relatives so that they should all stay healthy,” Dr Kaseba said.
She also urged men to go for breast cancer screening because they are also at risk of contracting the disease.



  1. ba kaseba u’re just a chameleon changing colors 2day blue 2moro green u’re saying u were not evacuated but you issue was in parliament & even daily mail reported it & even 1 minister of PF who is responsible 4 your payments said its the landlord who evacuated you & not they failed 2 pay & u were just quiet & 2day u want 2 talk & u want show people who were behind you that are stupid & liers but the issue is true…..#LIER

  2. why comment now? where was she all this time people were taking of her eviction…aba bene eba leta fyama beef nolu patanyo

  3. Have always said evil has never won over good..lie winning over truth,never.just sad that all the motherly respect most zambians had for our former first lady dried up with these two incidences…kabwe convetion and the 8 reedbuck play which spilled in her face.

  4. didn’t you know the media makes the devil look like a choir boy…..especially watchdogs,shilya imbwa…

  5. Ever heard of the saying that lies have got short legs? Now that the truth has come out, why are U now insulting and fighting the truth?

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  7. and what took the black widow so long to respond… hehe she must just join the wrong camp #ZambianPoliticsSivinthu