‘Chipenzi attacks on Sata misplaced’


THE MMD says Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) executive director McDonald Chipenzi’s attacks on State House Deputy Minister Mulenga Sata are personal and unfortunate.
MMD national youth secretary Bowman Lusambo said in a statement issued on Tuesday that Mr Chipenzi’s attacks on Mr Sata are devoid of logic.


Mr Chipenzi has launched a campaign challenging President Lungu’s nomination of Mr Sata as member of Parliament and subsequently appointing him as State House deputy minister.
He contends that the nomination is in breach of Article 69 of the Constitution because Mr Sata is still a serving councillor.
“The debate about Mr Sata’s suitability to hold the office of Deputy Minister is not new. We vividly remember how Mr Chipenzi along with other non-governmental organisation (NGO) leaders embarked on a fruitless campaign to block the appointment the moment it was announced,” Mr Lusambo said.


He said Mr Chipenzi was in the forefront championing the reversal of the appointment on the basis that the position of Minister at State House was unconstitutional.
Mr Lusambo said Mr Chipenzi failed to substantiate his claims when he was challenged using historical facts, which confirmed that past Presidents Frederick Chiluba and Levy Mwanawasa appointed people to serve in that capacity.


He said Mr Chipenzi is misapplying and misreading Article 68 of the Constitution.
Mr Lusambo said Mr Chipenzi should be aware that there is no law that stops the President from nominating a sitting councillor to Parliament.
He said the President is at liberty to nominate anyone he deems fit as member of Parliament because it is his prerogative.


Mr Lusambo said President Lungu does not need to explain to Mr Chipenzi why he appointed and nominated Mr Sata.
He said Mr Sata should be supported by all well-meaning young leaders including Mr Chipenzi.



  1. Chipenzi is stupid and he must desist from issueing derogatory remarks against our gallant son of Africa Mr Michael.C.Sata.Inarguably,chipenzi is a hired gun for upnd