Shoprite must retract their advert on importation of GMOs-Nawakwi

Shoprite on Cairo Road Lusaka

Today Given Lubinda, the Minister of Agriculture is saying that the PF Government does not plan to start importing GMOs because that would be against Government policy. He is further saying Iam just an alarmist who has no relevance on the political scene.

To begin with I want to ask Given Lubinda some simple questions: if it is not true that Government is planning to start feeding us on GMOs why then is Shoprite advertising the importation of GMOs? The advert clearly states that all submissions should be taken to The Bio Safety Department, a department under Mr Lubinda’s Ministry.


Does it mean that our Honourable Minister is not even aware of what is happening right under his nose? Does he even report for work?
Mr. Lubinda should not try to be smart. This is not an issue of Jam, this is about people’s health. Whether am politically relevant or not is a non-issue.


We challenge Mr Lubinda to order Shoprite to retract their advert on the importation of GMOs and to tender a public apology. Failure to which it will not be far fetched to conclude that someone in the high corridors of power within the PF government is lining his pockets with pieces of silver over this scam.


Mr. Lunbinda, it is my duty as a citizen to alarm the nation when its elected officials want to mortgage the people’s health for the love of money.
Issued by:
Edith Nawakwi,
FDD President.