Mixed reactions over Jerabos, Youngson Kalobo’s death

Jerabos, Youngson Kalobo
Leader of the Copperbelt based group of small-scale miners, popularly known as the Jerabos, Youngson Kalobo - Photo Credit ; Derrick Yoram Kafuti

Though it is regarded as a taboo to speak ill of the dead, Youngson Kalobo’s death has generated mixed feelings with many people talking about his brutality.

Kalobo, popularly known as Jerabos who was the leader of the Copperbelt based group of small-scale miners passed on yesterday morning.

With news of his death awash on social media networks, several people criticized Youngson saying he was notoriuos and terorrised many people.

“This man was a terrorist. I remember one time he stopped a random schoolboy and asked him questions. He would slap him each time he answered or did not answer his questions. Our high school days were lived in fear of the mushrooming stupid gangs in Kitwe. His affiliates once saw us walking from school and asked us to pay ‘tax’, we denied and they started throwing stones at us. I surely hope his death was a slow and painful one. He belonged in a mental institution, he was a stain on humanity, a barbaric lawless uncivilized ape,” wrote Mulwani Neo.


Peter Mulenga also described Youngson’s death as a relief saying Youngson had lived a life of lawlessness, violence and barbarity.

“It’s  sad that a life has been lost but lets call a spade a spade, these guys filled Kitwe with lawlessness, violence and barbarity.You see, it’s very important how you live your life and the things you do because they determine what the majority of people say about you and finally the fate of your life after death,”.


Commenting in vernacular, Chibali Muli said, “Buti pa Kopala pali fulisha ba mbuli. So this idiot actually gave you grief? I can assure you in Lusaka he would have died in Chimbokaila,”.


“He didn’t contribute to the welfare of the poor, he exploited the poor by sending them to the pit in dark coldnight where they died.  Lets not remain here and pretend sympathize,” said a man only identified as Chekeya.

Chanda Kabwe said, “thats why this country will never develop because we like praising fools and thieves. Let that fool rot in hell”.

Lucky Munsanda also said, Youngson was a good/bad person but not to talk ill of the dead.He helped a lot of street kids in Kitwe. He made the dreams of others come true especially musicians, but if you accidentally found yourself in his way…ma ma ma mama police officers have a story to say.Or ngati he admires your ka girlfriend,without any explanation just hand her over to him ki ki ki ki ki.Anyway Bigman RIP we will greatly miss you”.




  1. My adive to those pipo sayin bad things about youngson RESPECT THE DEAD ONES NEXT IT WILL BE U.

  2. people did not need 2 know youngson personally 4 them 2 judge whether he was good or bad, his actions towards innocent people has spoken 4 him today……..the guy was pure evil coz he unleashed his anger towards anyone who stood in his way and used his money 2 protect him self from the hands of justice…..those of you who are saying he was good benefited something from him in one way or another……………..

  3. Eric Chama! Youngson was a mistake of nature,a savage, nd a thug! I used to stay in Ndeke so I know what I am talking about.

  4. The wages of sin is death. you thought you were so powerful that nothing could take you away! well let’s who is who. God is the giver of life and takes it at his own will. you threatened a lot of people may God judge you according to the way you led your life. am pretty sure people are now safe knowing there is no more you. and for you jerabos if you think u so mighty than the law fine. God will surely punish you all. One advice don’t misbehave during the burial coz if law doesn’t get you definitely am watching you.

  5. All of you people commenting hell about Mr Youngson never even met him in personal, I believe you are just making accusation based on what you’ve heard about him, each one of us has his own strength and weakness. I bet for me he was just trying to live his life, putting you in his shoes you wouldn’t fit. Get rich or die trying. R.I.P Bashi Su

  6. we don’t need hooligans on this planet. He used to think he was a “god”. hell is waiting