Ex-Livingstone mayor faces bizarre charges

Aggrey Njekwa

FORMER Livingstone mayor Aggrey Njekwa has told the Livingstone High Court that his family has experienced bizarre deaths and sickness after he allegedly caught his 83-year-old neighbour performing rituals in his yard.


Njekwa ,50, of Dambwa said this when he appeared before Livingstone High Court judge Ernest Mukulwamutiyo for defence in a case in which he is alleged to have murdered Herbert Mulonda.
It is alleged that Njekwa, on November 26 last year in Livingstone, murdered Mr Mulonda.

“Whilst in custody, I lost my sister and younger brother in circumstances that I could not understand because the deceased was speaking in incantations as he was spraying his concoctions in my yard,” Njekwa said
He asked Mr Mulonda’s family members to cleanse the charms allegedly left by their dead relative in his yard to prevent more deaths and sickness in his family.


He also said Mr Mulonda’s family must consider apologising to him for the alleged witchcraft act that their relative performed in his yard.
“It is in my culture that when someone commits a wrong, they must apologise, traditionally they would have done that to me who they offended and not accusing me of murder.


“If it was me who wronged the deceased family, I would have bought a goat or any animal to give to the aggrieved as a sign of my apology,” he said
Njekwa said as a Christian, he cannot wait for Mr Mulonda’s family to apologise to him but that he forgave them for the alleged rituals he performed in his yard.


“I am also asking the court to forgive me if I did not conduct myself very well. I can’t go beyond this because I have also declared that I have forgiven the deceased’s family,” he said.
Njekwa denied murdering Mr Mulonda but that the deceased injured himself as he was trying to run away.


“After I noted that the deceased was practising witchcraft in my yard, I came out and shouted to alarm the neighbourhood so that they could confirm the rumour that the deceased was a wizard,” he said
Njekwa said Mr Mulonda ran away after he allegedly screamed for help and he accidentally fell and hurt himself.