Zambians must appreciate Kalu’s contributions to soccer

Kalushi Bwalya-FAZ President

Kitwe-based football administrator Kelvin Chipili says Zambians must appreciate Kalusha Bwalya’s contribution to the sport while he is alive.

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Chipili, the secretary of FAZ Division Two side Zanama Brave Rovers, said Kalusha has made great contribution to Zambian football both as a player and administrator.

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Kalusha, who is the president of FAZ, is sometimes criticised for his style of leadership while at the helm of Football House.

According to social media in an interview in Kitwe, today, Chipili said Zambians should not wait for the ex-Chipolopolo captain and coach to die before acknowledging the vital role he has played in the sport.


“Kalusha Bwalya’s contribution to Zambian football as a player or administrator cannot and should not be ignored by all well-meaning soccer lovers,” he said.

“His efforts must not be permanently forgotten or deleted as if people are blind,” Chipili said.


He defended Kalusha’s football administration credentials.

“Under Kalusha’s leadership at FAZ we have seen Zambia win the Africa Cup of Nations. The league sponsorship by MTN is another vote of confidence in his administration and we have seen our junior national teams qualifying for major tournaments,” Chipili added.


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  1. Appreciating somebodys contribution to a public good should not extend to allowing the abuse of the publics trust and goodwill.

  2. We don’t have to relay much on past groly. What we want as soccer inthusiates is to see measures that will improve our zambian soccer. We want more to be done at football house

  3. Credit is only given when and where it is due. Not on nonsensical issues. When he is wrong, he is wrong. Why should he out live the Zambian Presidential term? No one has monopoly of ideas or intelligence in Zambia.