Lungu lacks decisive direction, CBU limbo needs intervation – Niza

Niza Phiri (Aspiring MP, Munali constituency) - Photo Credit- Niza Phiri

Zambia’s Youngest Parliamentary Aspirant. Niza Phiri has bemoaned the lack of decisive direction by the head of state over cbu which is sending the second highest institution into unnecessary Avoidable chaos.

Speaking to journalists whilst touring his youth initiative empowerment projects in munali, Phiri, said “the head of state is should side and listen to his people, you can not continue to protect an individual at the expense of the majority just because he partly finances the Patriotic front allegedly.

Niza who is also a former Union leader at the Copperbelt university, further lamented how , the CBU vice Chancellor, has been the major cause of unrest at the institution even in the years passed.
Niza phiri, popularly known as “watu watu made by fwebene” the 24 year old Mechanical Engineer aspiring for the munali seat, further questioned why President Lungu was still quiet on, PF secretary general, Chama’s utterances.

” We need decisive and definite action from a head of state, it was the same thing with the PF SG’s Issue, you can’t allow your secretary General to utter words that have potential to disturb our peace in Zambia” we want his excellence to come out very strong on some of these matters” niza said.

“CBU saga is a very small issue if the President wasn’t so hell bent on protecting one man at the expense of the majority, Since Prof Naison Ngoma took over at the institution, hardly a month or two go by without unrest, he has maligned both workers and students.

he has run the institution like a military camp, taking away a lot of privileges from workers like medical schemes, accommodation schemes and many others, he has further bullied his way into financing high cost unrealistic projects like erecting a huge tents at the expense of proper long lasting infrastructure development.

This man is a bad seed for Zambia, and for the institution. like my grandpa, MR Rupiah Bwezani jokes, bushe nizambia yaba VC? ” Niza added .

Let’s be serious on serious issues, that is an academic institution regarded highly. We can’t have the calendar extended at will every single time the vice chancellor feels like picking a fight with either staff or students.

We ought to be serious on certain matters if our country is to develop.

By Niza Phiri (Aspiring MP, Munali constituency)