Pastor raped me when I went to his house for prayers

Pastor preacher

A 22-YEAR-OLD woman of Kitwe has told the Kitwe Magistrate’s Court that a pastor of Revival for All Nations Church allegedly raped her at his house when she went there for prayers.


The woman submitted into evidence torn underwear and a pair of cycling shorts that the pastor allegedly tore before raping her.
Before senior magistrate Daniel Musonda was James Thewo of house number 31 Congo Way in Kitwe’s Riverside township, who is charged with one count of rape.


It is alleged that Thewo on June 1, 2015 in Kitwe, had carnal knowledge of the woman without her consent.
When the matter came up for trial on Friday, the woman told the court that on that day, she went to attend prayers that Thewo was conducting.


After the end of the prayer session, Thewo grabbed her cellphone, saved his number and asked her to call him because he had a vision about her from God.


“The following day around 05:00 hours, pastor Thewo called me that he had another vision about me and that I should go to his house where he was going to be praying for other people at 15:00 hours.


“I went to the pastor’s house but I did not find anyone there apart from him. I waited for other members but they never came. The pastor then locked the door and twisted my arm, tore my underwear and cycling shorts and had sex with me,” she said.


The woman testified that after allegedly raping her, Thewo reached for a knife and some tablets of a brand of paracetamol called Cafemol.
The woman said Thewo allegedly threatened to kill her if she resisted taking the Cafemol.


“I told my sister about what happened and we went to the police station where we were given a medical report. After some days, I went with the accused to the hospital for voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) where it was discovered that he is HIV-positive and I tested negative,” the woman said.


In cross-examination, the woman said it was her second time to meet Thewo and she never had a relationship with him.
Mr Musonda adjourned the case to July 15, 2015, for continued trial.


  1. Dats de problem wth unmarried zambian ladies… Dey believe whoever shouts God, god, bible, bible, marriage, marriage, bla, bla,. Learn to read between lines..! See now how u abused..!

  2. the reason for this is that; people have resort to go to utuntemba twama churches. what do you xpect in the end?

  3. How cheap are visions and miracles become that everyone can perform at any time, its sad that the man of God stoep so low and cheap, to start raping women in the name of having a vision.