Controversial Malawian Prophet,resurfaces with a scare prophecy about Zambia

Prophet Austin Liabunya
Prophet Austin Liabunya

After being silent in what can best be described as ‘a prophetic sabbatical leave’ following the Zambia elections fiasco, Malawi prophet Austin Liabunya has again started from where he left, now, coming up with a shocking prophecy about the same nation of Zambia.


Writing on his facebook wall about 60 minutes ago, Liabunya calls for prayer for the nation of Zambia.

“Last two hours at my prayer mountain, I had a bad vision about the Nation of Zambia, “wrote the Prophet.


“I therefore ask the body of Christ in Zambia to join hands and pray for their leaders. This will affect a leader. In the vision I saw people crying. Who is this again…” Liabunya shockingly submitted.

“After this, I saw people within fighting for the position, parallels being formed..” wrote the Malawian controversial Prophet.


“Let’s just pray if at all God may have mercy and allow this not to happen if it’s not His perfect will.. God bless you in Zambia!” concluded the Prophet.


  1. Why the HELL cant you give us solutions that threats in the name of prophecy… The feet of the lord rests in this country Zambia and he shall not allow any more evil to befall us. God forbid!!!

  2. What makes me wonder is the fact that u stil call them prophets when u clearly know that they are wizards and sorceres! They just bogus! Anyway its gud that they fullfil bibles readings that they will be many in the last days!!

  3. I am very disapointed in this so called prophets nowadays………………I mean do they ever think of respecting a prophecy???????????………Acording to what i know a prophet is a person that has been chosen by God(You dont just wake up in the morning after having a dream that you had last night because of may be over eating or something)…….I feel ashamed to see my fellow Malawian brothers involving themselves in this nightmares………I would love to see people who are open enough.People who can identify themselves of who exactly they are…..its either you belong to God or to Satan.If you want to be famous think of other option not this one……I am a Malawian Just like you.And i may not be a Pastor or any sort of a preast but this kind of embarrassment is unacceptable.

  4. Back to the sender! we rebuke your deceitful mouth in Jesus’ name! All the time it’s about Zambia this, Zambia that! If he so loves our country so much, why don’t you just pack your rugs and leave Malawi to come and live in Zambia,,, fake prophets leave our peaceful country Alone!!!! shame!!!!