President Lungu flies to Malawi for independence anniversay

Edgar lungu
Edgar lungu

President Edgar Lungu has left for Malawi to attend the neighbouring country’s 51st independence anniversary.

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President Lungu Presidential Challenger jet took off at Kenneth Kauda International Airport at exactly 17:05 hours and is accompanied by First Lady Esther and his Specia;l Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda among other notable figures.



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Speaking to journalists before departure , Mr Lungu said his invitation to attend Malawi’s 51st Independence Anniversary is testimony of pan Africanism.



He added that Zambia needs to show solidarity with other countries adding the visit  will also help the two neighbouring countries to learn about democracy from one another as well as share values.



He said all this can only be achieved through interactions with neighbouring countries.



Mr. Lungu and his delegation was seen off by vice-president Inonge Wina,  PF Secretary Davies Chama,  government and party officials.



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  1. Muzike ulumbwa naloboka! I have heard it, seen it in operation, what A country’s citizens? I love Zambia and its peoples.

  2. No president will be appreciated in his/her own country but I think this is good for the two countries as they have a long history together!

  3. He wants to beat the record of travels made by 3 former presidents combined together,whenever he checks his passport he just says I need more stamps.Next country pleasssse!!!Zambia the only company that pays this much for its CEO just globe trotting,yabaa then some idiots are busy saying his working.