PF will suffer massive defections – Rainbow Party

Rainbow Party Spokesperson
Rainbow Party Spokesperson Goodson Banda - Photo Credit - QFM NEWS

The opposition Rainbow Party has maintained that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) will suffer massive defections towards the 2016 General Elections.
Rainbow Party Spokesperson Goodson Banda says the party is in contact with many PF Members of Parliament, and Councilors and they will ditch the ruling party and join the opposition Rainbow Party towards 2016 polls.
Mr. Banda says his party is providing space for all people with a vision who are eager to develop the nation.

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He says about forty serving councilors from PF, MMD and UPND have approached his party and that they are eager to join the opposition Rainbow Party.
Mr. Banda says the PF died when late President Sata died saying he was a vision carrier for the party.
He says what is currently happening in the PF government is try and error saying that is why they are failing to govern.

Photo Credit – QFM

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  1. Was rainble naimwe y cheating yoself boza yekayeka . y fil yo confident in by elections so that pf can fil yo weight.

  2. So u can’t do without PF? All u r thinking is poaching from PF. Summer was fired from PF n it seems he only dreams PF.

  3. How about telling us what u intend to do instead of campaigning for PF. Every time it is PF this PF that. Let’s hear you say something from your manifesto if you have one or is your mission simply oppose PF and talk about mass defections which you thot would happen when Rainbow party came into being but it is all talk no action