ZESCO load shedding creates Lusaka Water rationing


The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company has started water rationing in all parts of the province due to load shedding.


The company says Lusaka is not faced with a water crisis but that the move has been taken to avoid shortages as a result of low pumping capacity.



Company Marketing and Public Relations Manager Topsy Sikalinda says the current average demand for Lusaka is 4-hundred and 20 million litres per day.


Mr. Sikalinda says the company is only pumping 2-hundred and 58 million litres per day leaving a shortfall of 1-hundred 62 million litres.



He says when load shedding occurs the situation deteriorates as the power outages are affecting the 200 pump stations in the province.


He however says the water utility company is closely working with ZESCO to ensure that all strategic institutions such as hospitals and other critical areas continue getting stable supply.


Mr. Sikalinda says in the dry season the situation is likely to deteriorate especially in areas supplied by underground water via bore holes.


He said the company has however placed smaller sized pumps on diesel powered generators while all major distribution points requiring high amounts of power will remain affected.