Tayali is trading on quicksand to insist RB is corrupt – Sikota

Sakwiba Sikota

Former president Rupiah Banda’s lawyer Sakwiba Sikota says Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali is trading on quicksand to insist that Mr. Banda is corrupt.

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Mr. Sikota suspects that Mr. Tayali does not however know this fact.
He states that by insisting that Mr. Banda is corrupt in spite of his being cleared of the charge of Abuse of Authority of Office by the Lusaka Magistrate Mr. Tayali has in fact defamed the former Head of State.


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Mr. Sikota has however told Qfm News in an interview that his client has not yet given instructions to commence legal proceedings against the Zambian Voice Executive Director.


He says much as it is up to Mr. Banda himself to decide whether to take legal action or not, he thinks that sometimes it is good to ignore, out of pity, certain people like Mr. Tayali.

And Mr. Sikota has wondered what Mr. Tayali thinks of Ndola High Court Deputy Director Joshua Banda who rendered ruling in the matter in which Mr. Banda was found with no case to answer on one count of Abuse of Authority of Office relating to a Nigerian Oil deal.

Mr. Sikota wants to know whether by insisting that Mr. Banda is corrupt, Mr. Tayali is also suggesting that a well trained Magistrate like Mr. Banda is also corrupt.
He says he would like Mr. Tayali to clarify what he is saying if he is bold enough.

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  1. Someone must cage this Tayali. He is a disgrace to the Tayalis I know…I hope they are not related.