Nigerians speak on same-sex marriage

gay marriage

Nigerians have joined the ongoing international debate around the emotive issue of same-sex marriage, with a majority that spoke to this publication opposed to the issue.

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Since the Supreme Court of the United States legalised the marriages recently, the move has made headlines internationally and drawn condemnation locally.


Nigerians that spoke to CAJ News expressed dismay at the so-called landmark ruling.

“I believe than no Nigerian will ever support same-sex marriage. We are not in the Sodom and Gomorrah era. Or else locals will start mating with animals,” Augustine Aondo said, referring to the biblical cities that were destroyed amid a prevalence of homosexuality.


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Jimmy Lomak, speaking in Lagos, scorned the decision by the United States Supreme Court. Lomak spoke following the release of findings of a survey done locally, suggesting the majority (87 percent) locals were against same-sex alliances.
He dismissed suggestions by the survey some Nigerians supported such marriages.

“Americans know that we will never support their same-sex marriage legislation, so they want to impose it on us with the tactics of a survey.


“Foolish survey! If God is in support of same sex, I think Eve would not have existed. Remember, God has never changed his mind or thought over anything,” said Lomak.

Samuel Godwin singled out United States President, Barack Obama for blame, after the country legalised same-sex marriages.

“Even if Obama becomes the president of Nigeria today, that stupid act can never happen here. Our eyes cannot behold such iniquity,” he charged.


Anunde Innocent Aondover is another opponent of same-sex liaisons.

“That is inhuman and ungodly. Whoever signed for that has signed for war and human discrimination,” said Aondover. — CAJ News.

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