Mine workers protest

Konkola Copper Mines
Konkola Copper Mines


Over 400 workers engaged to develop the Chinese Non Ferrous Mining Company (NFC) have downed tools demanding for better conditions of service.

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The workers under Tongguaman Mines construction, a company engaged to sink three mine shafts at the South ore body project, have refused to go underground until management offers them a salary increment.

A check by ZNBC News in Chambeshi found the workers singing solidarity songs outside the plant.


National Union of miners and Allied workers union of Zambia (NUMAW) Chambeshi branch chairman James Musonda says the lowest paid worker gets 8-hundred Kwacha while the highest gets 1-Thousand Kwacha.

Mr. Musonda says the 2 percent increment being offered by management is an insult.

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He also complained of the poor safety conditions at the project site saying a number of miners collapse while on duty because the mine is very hot due to poor ventilation.

But Tongguaman Mines construction Manager Wang Xiaofti appealed to the workers to resume work as management is doing everything possible to resolve the matter.

Mr. Xiaofti said the negotiations have been reopened and will be concluded by the end of this month.


And on the poor safety, Company Manager for Safety and Environment Mutondo Kawetu said the company has installed new ventilation facilities to safe guard life.


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