Senanga district Councillor bemoans high number of accidents


Mwanambuyu Ward Councillor, in Senanga Constituency has bemoaned the high number of accidents occurring along the Mongu-Senanga road.


Mr. Likukela  Likukela said many traffic accidents have taken place along the road due to lack of humps in most of the areas.


He told ZANIS in a telephone interview that many vehicles that pass along the Mongu-Senanga road are driven at high speeds causing accidents that have claimed lives of people.


Mr. Likukela named some of the areas that are most affected with cases of  road accidents as Namatombo, Lyangati, Naande bus station, Libumbu, Nalonga and Maxinedi  areas some of which have community schools near the road.


He has since called on the Road Development Agency(RDA) to ensure that they put humps  in the areas that have recorded accidents along the Mongu-Senanga road to prevent further loss of lives.

Western Province road – Photo credit Mark and Laura Woodward.jpg