Zambians angry over president supporters’ petition to delay elections


A petition filed on Tuesday by citizens to a high court in Zambia, seeking to delay the country’s 2016 elections to 2020 and give President Edgar Lungu a full five- year term has sparked online backlash.


Lungu was elected in the January presidential election necessitated by the death of former president Michael Sata last year. He is serving out his predecessor’s term which expires next year.


In the petition, the president’s supporters require the court to postpone next year’s elections, arguing that Lungu deserves a full five-year term of office as “he was elected in a free and fair election.”


However, many Zambians have taken to social media to express their anger over the petition, saying that a precedent was already set in 2008 when former president Rupiah Banda served a period of three years following the death of ex-president Levy Mwanawasa.


“He (Banda) did not call for a full five-year term and nothing has changed since then,” netizen Maybin Mwape, said on Facebook, adding that the bid “will not go anywhere.” Enditem



  1. I am a Zambian and don’t remember posting a comment on being angry, please be specific don’t just generalize things. And besides do we even have a slightest clue how much the 2016 elections will cost??? The level of education in our country is almost diminishing University students are not being paid their allowances, poverty is raising, their are retirees that have not been paid their benefits some government workers still waiting for their salaries for months on end and you assume by holding elections 2016 which is at the expense of a poor taxpayer will resolve all these issues????