Nevers Mumba to break silence and speak out


Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Nevers Mumba says his prolonged silence does not mean he is happy with the happenings in the former ruling party.

Dr. Mumba says he has been closely monitoring all the events in the former ruling party and will in due course break his silence and speak out.


Dr. Mumba says Zambians should understand that he respects the values upon which the MMD was founded and will never divert from those values.

He states that in this regard, he will openly give his thoughts to the nation sometime next week.

Dr. Mumba has since appealed to MMD members to remain calm and peaceful and never to forget to pray for God to take charge of every situation they are facing.





  1. Too much theories in these so called men of God. Thats why all of them have failed in this area. Thats y even their massage to their church members must change. Someone called a reverend may win an election and not pastor. In the first place in just whn they take that decision God is nolonger there. They are like jona. They have made their mambers to warship them and a link between members and God and noy jesus. Look at their posters it their faces and wives instead of jesus why

  2. In my opinion, leadership is founded on collective views and not single mindedness. In that regard, the MMD leader, if he is to appear symbolic of the party, should check his selection of words to express himself in public. His views should always sound inclusive.