Lunda royalist disagrees with Chief Mumena


A member of the Lunda Royal Establishment of Zambezi District, Bill Kaping’a has disagreed with the suggestion by Chief Mumena of Solwezi District that Chiefs should be allowed to participate in politics.

Mr. Kaping’a says what Chief Mumena, who made the suggestion during a recent ZNBC live programme Sunday Interview, must understand, is that politics in Zambia are currently very cheap, dirty and lack respect.


He has told Qfm News that this means that if traditional leaders begin to engage in active politics, they will be exposed to all sorts of insults and possible physical confrontation from political opponents.

Mr. Kaping’a says if this happens to traditional leaders who are culturally held in high esteem, it will be an embarrassing state of affairs for the country and its people.

He says traditional leaders must preserve the respect that people have for them by staying away from politics.




  1. Remember chieftains where there before politicians .Mumena don’t take it personal.If you want to join politics leave the chieftain just has you left the E, C, Z BISHOP, and become the chief Mumena.

  2. Chiefs, Like All Other Zambian Citizens Are Human Beings And Not Small gods, And As Such, It Is Unconstitutional To Deprive Them Of Their Political Rights Through The Enactment Of Discriminatory Laws.
    Learn From Other Countries Where Chiefs Are Playing Big Roles In The Political Affairs Of Those Nations. In South Africa, President Mandela Was A Chief Of Mthembu People. And, Zuma Is Also A Chief Of A Zulu Clan In Nkandla. In Botswana, Khama Is A Chief Too. But What Is Important Here Is That These Noblemen Put Nationalism Above Tribalism And Traditionalism.

  3. Its true, in the current state of Zambian Politics Chiefs can not fit in. Zambian Politics a very cheap, full of insults, lies, lack respect, malicious, no direction, corrupt etc. In as much as chief Mumena might have had a point, traditional leaders can’t intangle themselves in that mess until these issues are taken care of. I can’t wait for such a time when Politics will be made clean. Where a President and his cabinet will cease to be worshipped but just respected. Where President won’t allow liers and corrupt people surround them. It can be done if we have leaders with sincerity of heart.