Dora Siliya apologises, asks for votes


Patriotic Front (PF) candidate in the forthcoming Petauke Central by-elections Dora Siliya has apologised to the people of Petauke District and has since asked for their votes.

ZANIS reports that speaking at a rally attended by Vice President Inonge Wina at Kaulu Secondary School grounds in Petauke today, Ms Siliya said she was sorry for any wrongs that she might have unintentionally committed to the people of Petauke.

She promised to deliver development to the people of Petauke Central once elected into office on June 30.



Ms Siliya said she understands the challenges that the local people especially women are facing in the area.

She said once elected, she would ensure that farmers have massive access to fertiliser in order to boost agriculture which is the main activity for the local people in the district.

And Vice President Inonge Wina has urged the people of Petauke to vote for Ms Siliya because she is hard-working.


The Vice President said the PF is aware that people have been wondering why the PF settled for Ms Siliya further stating that the choice was arrived at because Dora performed exceptionally last time she was in parliament.

She said Ms Siliya is capable of delivering development to the people of Petauke on the ruling PF ticket.



  1. all this time she has been M.P she didnt adress the problem is it now that she is going to work?petauke shine your eyes ,sooner you get reed of her and vote for someone younger and more energetic,the better 4 u.this is the same dora siliya that milked the zambian coffers with Rupiah Banda and made useless tarmacs in chipapa and mosr part of the country,dont be deceived a leopard doent change its’s spots.

  2. Why didn’t She ensure women in Petauke had access to FISP few yrs ago when she was their MP. She jst wants u to vote fo her and dumps u and insults u as usual coz that’s what she knows best, insulting. To hell with yo rotten mouth