Zambian killed in South Africa


A Zambian youth was this week killed in durban by South Africans. (Lusaka Voice is yet to contact the family to confirm )

Misheck Mfula, left Zambia for South Africa to seek greener pastures.

Mfula was working in a restaurant in durban upto the time of his death.


He was stabbed to death by South Africa gangsters for pursuing them to settle a bill for the foods they ate at the restaurant.

“Mfula was killed after pursuing South Africa gangsters who ordered some food from a restaurant he was working for and later refused to settle the bill,” Sister confirmed.

She said, “Mfula went to South Africa recently and has only worked there for only two weeks.”


Mfula’s relatives have since appealed to the government to intervene in this matter and most importantly help them transport the body remains of the deceased back to Zambia.

“As the family we are just appealing to the government to help us bring the body of our relative back to Zambia as we are financially handicapped at the moment,” said Mfula’s sister.




  1. I hope that the Zambian Embassy knows about this. I know that our Embassy is very disinterested in its citizens outside the country, I saw this also in Kenya. The Zambian High commission there was not interested in the matters of Zambians living there.