Zambia lifts lion hunting ban and other big cats


Government has lifted the ban on the hunting of lions and other big cats.Tourism Minister Jean Kapata announced the lifting of the ban which was effected two years ago.

Ms. Kapata said this at press briefing in Lusaka on Friday May 15th. She says government has put conditions on the lifting of the ban.

Ms. Kapata says Lion hunting will only resume in the 2016/2017 hunting season while for the Leopard’s will resume in the 2015/2016 hunting season with cautionary quotas.


South Africa Lion Hunting | Client Review
South Africa Lion Hunting | Client Review

Government banned the hunting of Lion and other cats in January 2013 due to weak regulatory systems.

The ban was triggered by declining lion populations, over-harvesting, hunting underage lions and depletion of habitats for the Lion.

The Zambia Wildlife Authority -ZAWA- has crafted a document that describes the status of Lion in Zambia and prescribes guidelines that will be used to regulate cat hunting in Zambia.


Lion Hunting | Shaun Buffee Safaris
Lion Hunting | Shaun Buffee Safaris




  1. Its all a game for people in politics and such a waste. There are many ways of generating tourism revenue in Zambia but because they hire friends and family in these positions is the real challenge. How can we have someone who is not skilled in tourism making such decisions? She has no diploma or degree in this field and making decisions based on the old way of thinking because she has no vision or leadership skills. We need to use or find sustainable practices in promoting tourism. How can it work when people managing it have no idea on when or where to start? Trophy Hunting is a short term economic goal of making quick money and once they kill off everything then what? The problem with these people is the corruption involved and they will turn a blind eye because they are getting a pay cut from these hunters. Its not because they need money for the economy but for their pockets and pockets of friends. They will not stop until everything is destroyed just like they are destroying the country. Once they have someone who is talented and educated in this position who can make informed decision that will benefit the Zambian economy, its people and wildlife is when Zambia will start moving forward as a nation. A big shame on Jean Kapata Zambia’s tourism minister.

  2. THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHINF AFRICA and it’s only a matter of time before this action leads to economic sanctions being imposed.
    This will severely harm Zambia’s reputation as a country and destroy economic ties with ALL civilised nations!

    If anyone is in doubts about the role such animals play in maintaining ecosystems and weather patterns just see this example of the impact re-introduction wolves in Yellowstone part in USA had
    Scientific fact not pure ignorance!
    People are willing to pay to visit Zambia to see these majestic animals alive.
    The economics are proven but it requires time to attract visitors!